Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More meteors

    For anyone that either missed the Orionid meteor shower (or didn't get enough shooting star action), there's two upcoming meteor showers this month.  They are the Taurid and Leonid meteor showers, and as always, are named after the constellations that they appear to originate from.

   The first, the Taurid meteor shower, should peak later this week on the 12th.  Also known as the Halloween Fireballs, the Taurids tend to be larger and brighter than other meteor showers.  The best viewing time will be just after midnight, when Taurus is nearly overhead.

    The second, the Leonid meteor shower, will peak shortly after that, around the 17th.  The leonids are a periodic meteor swarm, putting on a spectacular show every 33 years (the last time it did this was around the turn of the millenium).  With this being an off year, expect about 10 meteors an hour. 

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